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Blockchain Revolution

The definitive book on how the technology behind bitcoin and cryptocurrency is changing the world.

Blockchain is the ingeniously simple technology that powers Bitcoin. But it is much more than that, too. It is a public ledger to which everyone has access, but which no single person controls. It allows companies and individuals to collaborate with an unprecedented degree of trust and transparency. It is cryptographically secure but fundamentally open. And soon it will be everywhere.

In Blockchain Revolution, Don and Alex Tapscott reveal how this game-changing technology will shape the future of the world economy, dramatically improving everything from healthcare records to online voting, and from insurance claims to artist royalty payments. Brilliantly researched and highly accessible, this is the essential text on the next major paradigm shift. Read it, or be left behind.




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Hard Cover, Mass Market Paperback, Paperback


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Author Picture

Alex Tapscott

Alex Tapscott (born 1986) is a Canadian business author, and advisor. His work revolves around the applications of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.[1]

He was the CEO and Founder of NextBlock Global, a cryptocurrency investment company,[2] and is the co-founder, with his father Don Tapscott, of the Blockchain Research Institute.


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