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Execution: The Discipline of Getting things Done

“Execution may very well be the best business book of the year, and one of the most useful to have come around in a long time. This smart and pithy book focuses on a simple though vexing challenge: How can the leaders of an organization exhort their people to deliver on the most important goals?….It’s rare to find a book like this that blends smart practice with intelligent articulation of how to get things done. Do yourself a favor. Buy it.” —The Boston Globe

“Making all of the moving parts of an organization function smoothly together is just plain hard work. By describing how he has done it, Mr. Bossidy has come up with a valuable and practical management guide that is must-reading for everyone who cares about business.” —The New York Times

“If you want to be a CEO–or if you are a CEO and want to keep your job–read Execution and put its principles to work.” –Michael Dell, chairman and CEO, Dell Computer Corp.

“A how-to book for the can-do boss….If even half the corporations in America pondered their suggestions, the economy would be in much better shape. Moreover, Bossidy and Charan boast an impressive enough track record that anyone who wants to stay sharp at the helm will welcome their assistance.” —BusinessWeek

“Sound, practical advice on how to make things happen.” –Ralph S. Larsen, chairman and CEO, Johnson & Johnson

“Here’s the real deal…. This is no-nonsense stuff…. The leaders who sweat the small stuff, hire the right people, make the tough decisions and stick around to see that they’re carried out are the real winners…. Forget the swarmy memoirs, cheesy parables, advice for idiots, and leadership secrets of despots and barbarians. Getting it done is, according to Bossidy and Charan, the only way to grow.” —The Miami Herald

“Captures a lifetime of building winning formulas and puts them in a simple, practical context for executives at any level.” –Ivan Seidenberg, president and CEO, Verizon


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