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Note to Younger Self (Hardback Cover)

A compilation of life lessons and experiences of young prominent Nigerian adults across different fields.

“This is unusual – not your conventional type of book, which makes it stand out. The idea of using names to connect with the target readers is golden and one I know will sink better in the minds of the readers.

I love both the context and the message of the book. Concise, simple to understand painstakingly relatable and something I would recommend for my Younger ones.”

Orifunke Lawal (Career and personal development advocate)


“I am not a fan of a lot of motivational speakers. This is largely due to the fact that considering the volume of things we do not understand and the number of variables, it is almost fraudulent to make any claim of expertise when the subject matter is life. However, the Rhodetails offers a way out in the new piece of work, ‘Note to younger self’.

This book is highly recommended for teenagers and young adults, because of the pivotal role it plays in helping its readers stand on the shoulders of not just one, but eleven giants.”

Joba Ojelabi ( Marketing communications professional).



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Hard Cover


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