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The Economist Guide to Management Ideas and Gurus

Developed from the Guide to Management Ideas this new book not only includes the most significant ideas that have influenced the management of business over the past century, but it also includes entries on the most influential business thinkers of the past and present. Entries on ideas include: Active Inertia; Disruptive Technology; Genchi Genbutsu (Japanese for “Go and See for Yourself”); The Halo Effect; The Long Tail; Pareto Principle; Six Sigma; Skunkworks; SWOT analysis; Thin Slicing; Tipping Point; Triple Bottom Line.

Among management gurus, the following are included: Igor Ansoff; Warren Bennis; Dale Carnegie; Alfred Chandler; Jim Collins; Stephen Covey; W. Edwards Deming; Peter Drucker; Henri Fayol; Sumantra Ghoshal; Gary Hamel; Michael Hammer; Charles Handy; Geert Hofstede; Joseph Juran; Rosabeth Moss Kanter; Robert Kaplan; Philip Kotler; Theodore Levitt; J Abraham Maslow; Konosuke Matsushita; Elton Mayo; Douglas McGregor; Henry Mintzberg; Kenichi Ohmae; C. Northcote Parkinson; Tom Peters; Michael Porter; E.F. Schumacher; Peter Senge; Herbert Simon; Alfred Sloan; F. Winslow Taylor; Alvin Toffler; Robert Townsend.




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