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The First Time Investor: How to Invest with Little Money

Do You Know That Most Wealthy People Are Highly Successful Investors??

Investing is Not Gambling

Learning how to grow your money by making smart investments can open doors to financial freedom and provide stability in later life — but how are you supposed to get started, especially in this economy? Is it truly safe to invest, and what about you non-financial resources such as time and energy?

Investing is not just about money

In The First Time Investor, Bruce Walker reveals smart investment moves that you can make whether you’re a millennial in your 20s or a professional who is nearing retirement. It’s not just a book about managing your finances — The First Time Investor is a blueprint for proactive people who want to make the most of their health, emotional well-being, and personal relationships.

In This Book, You Will Discover:

• The meaning of key financial terms, such as “bond”, “index fund”, and “diversification”

• How to invest when you only have a “small” amount of money

• Why investing in your physical health is as important as investing in stocks

• How to prosper financially, wisely grow your money, and live well

Filled with scenarios, practical information, and motivational advice, the advice in this book will help you choose money-savvy investment strategies that will greatly enhance your quality of life.




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