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The Legacy, The Now and The Future of creating Prosperity in Africa (Combo Pack)

On October 1st, 2021, Nigeria would be celebrating its 61st independence day. The historical relevance of this day and its long chain of social, political, and economic stories, have culminated into our present-day realities and nudge us to reflect on the national past, present and future. The context of this decade, with the emergence of the global digital transformation, creates an opportunity for nations to redefine their role in the world.

This beseeches Nigeria and Africa to actively reflect on the deliberate action towards this global prosperity potential. This event themed “The Legacy, The Now and the Future of creating prosperity in Africa” seeks to connect stakeholders in Industry, Academia, and Government to have a national conversation about the Nigerian reality within the global context. We are living in one of the most prosperous times in history, with Nigeria hosting one of the youngest and most vibrant populations in the world actively contributing to the global digital transformation, however, is unable to capture the value of her demographic dividend and struggles with inefficient social, economic and political mechanisms for growth and development.

The event hosts 3 authors who have written about the national interest of Nigeria and her role in advancing Africa; Seun Onigbinde; author of The Existential Questions, Yomi Jemibewon; Author of Risk and Return, ‘Toyin Bamidele (Batel); Author of The Venture Matrix for the Future of Africa [Gameplan]. At the event, these authors would review their books within this context and have a panel around the deliberate action needed to transform the social, political, and economic reality of Nigeria this decade.



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