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Trip to the Finishing Line

Amidst economic recession, inflation, political upheaval, mass academic failures, non-payment of salaries by the government, sickness, pains, hunger, so many complaints about failed marriages and exasperation at every corner, some people are still achieving and recording great successes in different facets of life. What are their secrets?

Is God partial in blessing some people and leaving others in pain and servitude? Why have people failed and keep on failing? Are there those specially created with a monopoly on success and those created to fail? Is success a matter of choice? Who is responsible for our successes or failures? Where did we get it wrong and where do we need to get it right? Is there still hope for us? Are we on earth by accident or coincidence? Do we have a purpose to fulfill on earth? Do we owe our present and future generations a duty to succeed? Is your situation really hopeless?

At what stage can you say that you have tried your best and still failed? Who is to blame if we fail in life? What does success in life respect, your numerous certificates, or your productivity? Shall we return to the creator empty-handed with nothing to show for the fulfillment of purpose? These and so many other important life questions were carefully answered in “The Trip to the Finishing Line”


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